after the noisy resignation of Rodrigo De Loredo to the candidacy for the governorship of Córdoba, who gave the space to the current senator Luis Juez, political referents from all sectors spoke with their own readings. The current head of PAMI Córdoba, Olga Riutort, spoke with Mimi Spicher on the Spich program on Radio Rock & Pop Córdoba FM 87.9 and gave her own details about the provincial and capital electoral agenda.

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The former deputy said that De Loredo’s departure is related to the alleged “Agreement between Schiaretti and Macri. Tell me what could be the reason why Llaryora does not join the municipal elections with the provincial ones, if it is the same party, knowing that he is telling the mayors of the interior to stick the elections to the provincial ones to help him in his candidacy, and it turns out that in Córdoba they are going to be divided”.

On the date of the elections, that this Monday the government of Córdoba confirmed that they will be held on Sunday, June 25Riutort pointed out that she referred to the municipal ordinance project presented by her space and devised by herself, which aims to prevent the double candidacy (lieutenant governor and mayor of Córdoba) of the radical deputy. “This seeks to give Llaryora the possibility of calling elections together. And I believe that it will not do so because The agreement is that Passerini loses the Municipality and De Loredo wins”. About it, he shot that from Loredo “He made a pact behind Luis Juez’s back and has been dishonest with his political partner.”

Schiaretti is going to play at being president by subtracting votes from the Frente de Todos and then you have to observe who wins to see what they are paid with. Maybe he ends up as an ambassador in some very important country”said, added: I don’t know what favor Schiaretti owes Macri to behave like a student in every way”

“They say that Martín Gill negotiated with Schiaretti and Llaryora to obtain some Ministry”, He also pointed out the political referent. She clarified that she is estranged from Gill, that “He always plays at two ends, but he is closer to the provincial government than the national PJ”said about andhe current mayor of Villa Maríawho has been close to Federico Alessandri, candidate for governor in Córdoba for the Frente de Todos.

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