President Alberto Fernández renewed his criticism of the Supreme Court for the precautionary measure issued in favor of the city of Buenos Aires and warned that the highest court “lost all criteria of Justice”, while predicting an electoral victory for the Frente de Todos (FdT) in 2023 because, he said, “no people commit suicide”.

The president also confirmed that he will convene extraordinary sessions of Congress to discuss issues such as the “social security moratorium” and different “alternatives” that are being evaluated together with the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, in order to comply with the Supreme Court ruling on sharing.

In an interview with the C5N channel, the president considered that the Court “lost all criteria of Justice.” The President stressed the need to “make people understand that the Judiciary is very important within the republican system.”

On the other hand, he pointed out the opposition that, according to what he said, wants to “lead the President and the country to a blind alley”, and gave as an example the treatment that Together for Change (JxC) made of issues such as vaccines against Covid and the rise of the blue dollar. “Few presidents have experienced what I have had to experience with this opposition,” Fernández said.

At the electoral level, he predicted a victory for the FdT and stressed: “We are absolutely competitive. No people commit suicide. No people is going to repeat the same story twice.”

He also assured that the FdT candidate for the next elections will be “the one who meets the best conditions”. “My first concern is that the FdT win the elections. My concern is not re-election. The FdT is going to win. They are beginning to appreciate the efforts we made as a government and they are beginning to realize that we are a great people,” he remarked .