WhatsApp has been publishing in recent months all the projects it has been working on to incorporate into its platform, now Meta has announced all the news that came to its app. Some of them were only available to users of the beta program to test their operation, while the rest of the users of the messaging platform could not enjoy them.

Reviewing the list of official changes of the latest version of WhatsApp published in the Google Play Store, we can see what are the news that arrive as of today for all users who use the platform. Among them, the avatars to WhatsApp, a function that allows us to generate virtual profile images based on our features, or use these avatars to generate personalized stickers.

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The ability to add comments to documents sent through chats, and support for longer descriptions and group topics has also been announced. Finally, WhatsApp has confirmed that, now, it is possible to select up to 100 different images or videos to send them at once, thus ending one of its great limitations, six years later.

The update is already available in the Google Play Store, and all users who decide to install it will be able to start enjoying the new features it includes. To do this, simply download the app through the store.