Carmen skirt: 30km from the city of Córdoba, arriving by RN 20 or RP 45, we find this town that offers you to relax on the banks of its stream, carry out rural activities, visit the Nuestra Señora del Carmen chapel or the Bosque Alegre Astrophysical Station. , in addition to delighting in local flavors.

Tanty: In the heart of the Punilla Valley, and 50km from the capital of Cordoba, we find this town that is chosen for its nature reserves and mountain walks, we can discover the waterfall in the Chorrillos Reserve, walk to Piedras Lisas and the Pozo del Indio , two ideal walks to find water pots and other waterfalls, visit the Nuestra Señora del Rosario chapel, discover the Cueva de los Pajaritos that keeps multiple species of birds.

Skirt: Also in Punilla, it can be accessed by the E53 and the Camino del Cuadrado, it is about 70km from Córdoba, a classic is bicycle rides but you can also enjoy horseback riding, bathing in the waterfalls, taking tours of the hill La Banderita or Paseo Bella Vista and the path of the Dragon.

The Serranita: 43km from the city of Córdoba, in the department of Santa María, invaded by peace and tranquility, accompanied by its willow and carob trees that complete the perfect climate on the banks of the Anisacate River, you can go horseback riding, fishing, biking, hiking, a plus? For the children of the family, the La Serranita Recreational Park ensures their fun with many outdoor activities, labyrinths, slides and lots of nature.