Four witnesses will present today in the framework of the trial against Marcelo Macarrón for the crime of his wife Nora Dalmasso, an event that occurred on November 26, 2006 in the city of Río Cuarto.

The testimonies will revolve around the personality of Macarrón and the marriage relationship, and in that sense, Carina del Valle Flores, then a family domestic employee, will testify.

Also Verónica Valentín, maid of businessman Michel Rohrer, who allegedly helped clean the room where Nora had been murdered.

In this eighth hearing, since the trial began on March 14, María del Carmen Pelleretti de Gahona, a friend of Nora, and the pedicurist Marta Lamborizzio will also be heard.

The technical court of the Criminal and Correctional Chamber of 1st Nomination of Río Cuarto, together with the popular jury, will open the eighth hearing at 9.

Macarrón is the only accused in this process, who is responsible for the crime of “homicide qualified by the link, by treachery, and by price or remuneration promise in an ideal contest”, which contemplates life imprisonment.