Five Peronist legislators created a new bloc in the Senate and, in this way, the block of the Front of all

Guillermo Snopek, Edgardo Kueider, Carlos Espínola and María Eugenia Catalfano, next to the Cordoba Alejandra Vigoannounced this Wednesday through a statement the creation of the Federal Unity Block

“Federal Unity is a new space for political convergence between national senators with representation in different electoral districts of the country, who agree on the path of seeking consensus and understand the need to build an alternative within the Senate,” expresses the published text.

And adds: “We seek to be an alternative from which the possibility of contributing to the reflection on the Argentina that we want for ourselves and future generations is prioritized, without cracks, with discussions that propose solutions in the short, medium and long term for all Argentines and Argentines.

This change will complicate the situation of the ruling party in the High camera since it will have 31 legislators and 37 are needed to start the debates.