“This has become too complicated and I want to save my family suffering,” thus opened the message that the now ex-legislator from Buenos Aires published. Recently, the former official was in the lion’s den after receiving criticism for the publication of videos of him with expressions homophobic, discriminatory and antisemitic.

“I don’t want to be a nuisance to anyone, much less to Jorge Macri, who I do not doubt will be an extraordinary head of the City Government. In order not to harm him and the entire team that trusted me, I want to tell you that I am renouncing my candidacy for Buenos Aires deputy “Franco Rinaldi declared on his Twitter account.

Given what was said about his resignation, the ex-candidate for legislator was unloaded; “It hurts in my soul to make this decision, because I believe that the attacks are unfair, opportunistic, false, and that their only objective is to harm the rival list. I already said what I think of those video clippings and apologized. I am deeply offended that Tell me I’m homophobic or anti-semiticnothing but nothing further from me, but I can’t do more”. Rinaldi also accused that there were “very large attacks built with a lot of money that one day they will have to explain.”

“But I think that at this point it is too much to ask Jorge to support me” The aviation expert admitted; “The discussion is different. I’m becoming a burden to the campaign, and this only benefits the instigators, who are also our competitors.”

In the end, he concluded his message; “That’s it. This policy is like that and I will continue to fight for freedom and the Constitution in the place that touches me.” And he closed his message to the candidate for Buenos Aires head of government “Thanks to George (Macri) for thinking of me and all those who were happy to see me on the list. I will continue fighting, as I have done all my life. See you soon.”

The controversial videos of Franco Rinaldi and intervention of justice

This week, videos resurfaced of Rinaldi commenting against women’s rights, the LGBTIQ+ community and other alleged racists. Despite apologizing for what she said, relying on the fact that it was “her life of hers before her” of her, that did not prevent her from receiving criticism both from her own political bloc, “Together for Change”, and from the opposition; The UCR made a presentation before the Electoral Board of Together for Change to request the withdrawal of her candidacy. Mariela Coletta, president of the UCR of the city of Buenos Aires and promoter of the request, affirmed that Rinaldi “He is a person who does not represent the values ​​of Together for Change.”

Franco Rinaldi used to broadcast through the streaming platform, Twitch, where “streamers” broadcast live, here they can interact with users through a “Chat” that can be seen in the same transmission. Once, a user asked him; “What would you do with Villa 31? One of the most difficult neighborhoods in the capital, to which Rinaldi responded”flamethrower”. “Either we kill the morochos or we let them do what they want“.

Before LN+, when the videos that would complicate the aspiring legislator emerged, he apologized and said: “I accept that I could have been wrong, this is part of an artistic expression, of a stand up from my previous life… I have done radio all my life. As it is edited, I am not sure when it was recorded, it is a script”, said the specialist in aviation issues in dialogue with Alfredo Leuco. “Nothing is further from me than discriminating against someone. I will be one of the most inclusive legislators in the City if the people accompany us.” However, things took a different turn for Franco Rinaldi, who is now suffering the consequences of his actions after being dismissed from his candidacy for the Buenos Aires legislature.