The activities are free, with limited space, so prior registration is required.

The Municipality of Córdoba, through the Free University of the Environment, invites citizens to participate in two training sessions. The first is about “Home Composting”, which will take place on Tuesday, July 19, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. The second is about “Worm Farming”, which will take place on Tuesday, July 26, at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that in both cases, space is limited, so those who wish to participate must register in advance at the following link:

Regarding training in home composting, a specialist from Inta Pro Huerta will teach everything necessary to start this practice in our homes. Home composting is one of the actions that each one can carry out in her home to help the environment, in addition to obtaining fertilizer for the garden or plants as a product.

In this way, during the course, you can learn about the importance of compost, the process and stages of composting. In addition, the stages that make up the composting process and the factors that condition it such as temperature, humidity, aeration, pH, the Carbon-Nitrogen ratio, and microorganisms.

Regarding the course of “Earthworm” that will take place the following Tuesday, at the same time, will be taught about the classes and characteristics of Californian red worms, and their life cycle. In addition, on the preparation of the substrate, the factors to take into account such as humidity, temperature, pH.