María Florencia Freijo targeted Paulo Londra after it became known that the artist wanted to give the mother of his two daughters a support of 200 thousand pesos.

“Paulo Londra offered (with what he charges) 200 thousand pesos for two daughters to his ex, who for years will be dedicated full time to care times, losing years of retirement, savings, wealth growth, while he raises properties blinking . There they have the idol,” María Florencia Freijo started tweeting.

The feminist referent demanded that the justice of an exemplary ruling and that the State urgently carry out a reform in relation to the food quota, rights and duties of parents towards their children.

However, Freijo’s tweet generated different reactions among those who think that Londra should pay a larger sum because with his work he bills millions of pesos, and those who consider that the fee that the artist intends to spend is the correct one and does not there is more to take care of the girls.

Given the unleashed reactions, the novelist continued: “We are going to transform so much ignorance into a campaign that allows women to see that caring for them is expensive, and that they are supporting the productive system. Three days reporting on rights and the value of those times”, she sentenced.