Yiyo Cesarone, the singer-songwriter from Bahía Blanca and folklorist, went through Espacio Canal C and told us about “Aroma”, the new single that he recently released. The artist referred to how the song was mutating through different genres until it finally ended up as a cumbia. He also referred to the work that costs to be able to publish a record when he is an independent artist.

“The reality is that all this is not post-pandemic but a lot has changed and I think a large part has to do with the economy. I have two albums released that are on all digital platforms and social networks, but today it is still very difficult for us to be able to record a complete disc”. This is a work that we present here in Carlos Paz and in Córdoba because it is a work that is half Cordoba and half Bahiense,” said Yiyo.

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In relation to how it was to create “Aroma” the singer said: “It turns out that the song was a slow song and I tell the guys what we can do with this song and I passed it to them. ‘This is a quartet or a pop cumbia’ he tells me , forget about the lyrics and well that’s where your aroma came out”.

On the other hand, the artist spoke about his nomination for the Gardel Awards in the category of best tropical song and in this regard he said: “with the subject of the application always with a lot of hope. It is the fifth time that I have been nominated. The idea of the song is for people to make it their own, dance it and enjoy it”.

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