The Ersep (Public Services Regulatory Entity) called a hearing for November 22 in which the request for an increase of 33.3% on average in all tolls of the Network of Accesses to Córdoba (RAC) will be discussed, to request of the company providing the Caminos de las Sierras service.

This means that those tolls for automobiles (2 bodies) that currently cost $150, will cost $200. This applies to route 20, route 5, Córdoba-Pilar highway, route 36, E-53 and route 9 north. For its part, the tolls of route 9 south will rise to $190, and those of the cabins of Piedras Moras and Arroyo Tegua, on route 36, will rise to $210.

In the case of the neighbors residing in La Calera and Malagueño, the request is to take it to 95 pesos per transfer until pass 80 and, subsidized from pass 81 onwards. The resolution does not detail the discounts for residents of Villa Allende, which until the last request were the subject of study in the company.

According to La Voz, the discounts for frequent users of 10% will be maintained until the past 30, 20% between the past 31 and 50, and 30% between the past 51 and 80. In all cases, the discounts are retroactive to pass 1. From pass 81 onwards, free of charge. In the latter case, the discount is not retroactive.

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In this way, in the month of December the tolls will have increased their total value by 100% during 2022. It should be remembered that 2021 closed with the toll at $100, and in January an increase was applied that took it to $130.