In a recent statement, the candidate for mayor of Córdoba for Together for Change (JxC), Rodrigo de Loredo, referred to the gubernatorial elections and shared his vision of the challenges facing current politics. De Loredo stressed the importance of leaving behind what happened in the last elections for governor of Córdoba and focus on the actions that his team will carry out in the city if he is elected mayor in the upcoming elections.

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Among other things, the candidate expressed his disagreement with the personalization of government advertising and government acts, mentioning the need to implement laws that prohibit this type of practice. De Loredo promised to promote a major reform of the electoral laws, with the objective of establishing fixed dates for the elections, implementing the PASO and the ballot, and establishing limits on campaigns and financing, as well as on the dissemination of advertisements.

Regarding Governor Morales’ statements, De Loredo chose not to comment on the matter and expressed his sadness over the political fights. He highlighted the achievement of keeping the Together for Change coalition united in his candidacy and expressed his commitment to work for the well-being of the city and its inhabitants.

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