We cut the week with a program of Turkish at Noon very special: Fernando ‘Turco’ Genesir moved to mendiolaza to visit the Gastronomic Pole of that city, with the space of ‘Gretta Gastronomic Art’ as the protagonist of the most delicious moments of the day.

From the hand of the mayor Daniel Salibi, the cameras of Channel C showed all the products that the various locals and chefs brought to the fair to taste and have fun. Miguel, one of the most recognized chefs in the area and with extensive experience, who said that Gretta opens exclusively on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to serve “breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner“and notes that”The ideal is to reserve because all the meat goes to the roast”.

The owner of the restaurant also spoke “The Little House of Clay and Fire“, which opens from Wednesday to Saturday at night, and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. “There are many dishes with fish, meat and artisanal pasta as well. Today I brought a mix of ceviche and tidal wave from the Pacific area, but my own preparation”bill.

The sweet part was not lacking either, and the creators of delicacies such as Christmas pastries, sweet and sour aubergine bruschettas, cakes, among many other options, were present. “Just as there are several towns that are producers of salami, we are producers of flavors”defined Ricardo Manicero, from Ricardo Manicero Kitchen and Pastry.

Look at this special that was seen this noon on the Channel C screen:

Look at the moments we recorded in this very special edition: