From this Monday, July 4, it will be possible to access the registration form to access the gas and electricity tariff segmentation, those who wish to access the benefit must enter the Energy Subsidies Access Registry page, at

Energy segmentation is an initiative to order electricity and gas subsidies. It will be carried out through a registry to identify 90% of the households that need the subsidy.

The new subsidy scheme proposes a distribution of subsidies based on the economic capacity of each household. For this, 4 groups were established:

  1. High income segment
  2. Middle income segment
  3. Lower income segment
  4. exceptions

Can I register in person?

Yes, registrations in person will begin on the 18th of the current month in the Anses delegations and in the offices of service providers.

Should Anses holders enroll in energy segmentation?

Yes, all people have to register, including those who receive a retirement pension and/or are beneficiaries of social programs such as the Universal Child Allowance, Progresar and Promoting Work.

If the service invoice is not in my name, do I have to register?

If the invoice does not arrive in your name, you will still be able to make the request as a user of the services indicating that you are not the owner.