“From Córdoba to the world”, is the phrase that can be read on the cover of one of the most prestigious music magazines worldwide. And it is that the konga was chosen by bill board to star in the cover art in its February Argentine edition. Excited with their career, the members remarked “From Villa Dolores to the world”

Diego Granade, Pablo Tamagnini and Nelson Aguirre They pose with their backs to Lake San Roque in Villa Carlos Paz, with a smile from ear to ear. The artists gave an interview to the medium reviewing the beginnings of the band, and their successful present in an unmissable one-on-one talk, positioning our local genre at the top of the top.

The magazine began to pay attention to the Cordovan group when in March 2022 it came to lead the “Billboard Hot 100“. This is the most famous list that ranks the top 100 songs regardless of the musical genre to which they belong, based on the physical sales, digital, streaming and radio broadcasts.

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