The oil companies will increase their fuels by 4% today, the maximum limit established by the Government as of December.

The companies Shell and Axion have already announced that they will join the increase in gasoline and diesel, while YPF will not do so for the moment. The Government had established a maximum increase for four months. After his measure, the sixth price update has arrived so far in 2022.

The decision was made official on Monday and had the signature of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the leaders of the main oil companies, who offered their commitment in exchange for the Government’s promise that they would have access to dollars to obtain supplies and postpone fuel taxes.

As stipulated, with the plan’s idea of ​​incorporating fuels into the Fair Prices program, gasoline and diesel may rise up to 4% in December, January and February, but up to 3.5% is allowed in March .

Source: NA