Perhaps the most difficult moment for a person is having to get away from a pet. Those who love animals know that pets often occupy a very important place in homes. In many more cases they are part of the family and are an excellent company for those who share their time with these little animals.

Having to get away from them is a painful process. However, sometimes there is no other alternative, moving, traveling or the economic situation of a family makes them have to go out and find a new home for themselves. This is the case of Agustina Riveros and Federico Gatti who have been looking for an adoptive family for Valentín for several days.

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The young people are from San Juan and for a few months have been sharing their lives with Valentín, a puppy they adopted earlier this year. However, for different reasons they can no longer have him with them, so they decided to prepare a CV with a photo where they tell everything about Valentín. The publication has had hundreds of likes and has been shared on the platform with the aim that the puppy finds a home with a lot of love.

Look at the Curriculum they put together for Valentín: