Within the framework of the arrival of the Tourism Competition 2000 (commonly called TC2000) in Córdoba, the Tango Pilot visited some schools in the town of Villa Santa Cruz del Lago.

This April 22 and 23, a new motor racing competition will be held at the Oscar Cabalén racetrack, located 15 km north of the city of Alta Gracia. It is an event that excites both children and adults but above all it appeared as a united opportunity to raise awareness about safety behind the wheel. That is the role of Tango, a TC2000 pilot, who for years has been touring schools to speak to children about an important message.

During the talk, the Secretary of Tourism of Villa Santa Cruz del Lago, Roberto Grosso, who excitedly encouraged the proposal, was also present.

“It is a pleasure to be able to come to the schools, that they open the doors to this initiative. The format of when we think about this is to capture the attention of the boys and lower them some ideas that they have to know as pedestrian passengers or even as drivers of their bikes. In addition, they have a very positive influence on the attitude of adults”, explained the Tango Pilot.

For his part, Roberto said: “Today we were able to have these educational talks inside the establishments. The kids are very happy, happy. Here, under the X-pilot format, they caught on a lot and it is something that helps because it is a way of educating and lighting a new flame in the boys about driver’s education”.

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Coverage Rubén Alvaráz