Gabriela Estévez, current national deputy for the Frente de Todos, got fully involved in political discussions in the midst of the lack of definition in almost all spaces at the local and national level. In dialogue with Mimí Spicher, in the Spich program on Radio Rock & Pop Córdoba, the official highlighted that the national ruling party in Córdoba seeks to position itself more and more.

“We expressed our vocation to build our own list. It was the result of a long process of discussion throughout the province through plenary sessions with the militancy, with the leadership. Listen, think about the responsibility of building representativeness in order to be in each of the spheres where political discussions take place and decisions are made”, pointed out the deputy, and asserted that the local FdT is preparing to “put up the fight” In cordoba.

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Estévez criticized the form of government of the Cordovan PJ, and denounced the environmental policies of the province, regarding the use of natural resources, the maintenance of the native forest and green spaces, the export of products and services, among others.

In turn, the deputy said that personalities such as Máximo Kirchner, Wado de Pedro, Cristina Fernández, would be the preferred candidates of the national ruling party. “We would like the candidate to be Cristina Fernández de Kirchner; she is the one who synthesizes our hope for the future. We know what she was capable of doing when she was president and all the changes she brought about”he pointed out, without leaving out that “There are other colleagues who are up to the challenge”.