The Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royon, announced that a single update will be approved throughout 2023 in the price of gas. She also maintained that the users segmented into level 2 with lower incomes, some 3.5 million clients, will not have an increase in the cost of m3 of gas.

In a statement, Royon pointed out that “the three and a half million low-income users who have obtained the subsidy for registering in the RASE will not have increases in the gas value component this year. The database of the Segmentation remains open and those households that do not request it or are high income will receive a single increase of 28.3%”.

The official added that “micro and small companies that are in the MIPYME registry will continue to be reached by subsidies, while large companies will have an increase of 28.3%. It is an increase that takes care of neighborhood businesses, the neighbor and industry growth against inflation”.

Finally, Royon stressed that “there will be no increase in the value of natural gas for users registered in Level 2, whose only annual increase will be concentrated in the components of transportation and distribution. For their part, users included in the Levels 1 and 3 of the current tariff segmentation will receive an increase that includes increases in the value of fluid, transportation and distribution.”