Melani Mauri, a young woman from General Cabrera, denounced that she was the victim of police violence, at the exit of a bowling alley. According to the young woman, everything happened last Sunday at dawn, when she was in a nightclub in her town, there she was rebuked by two women while she was dancing, so the security personnel of the place decided to withdraw the three local women.

Melani assures that after that she was handed over to the Police and, by resisting, the officers caused several injuries to her when they tried to get her into the patrol car. “I have marks on my arm, on both of them. I started asking for help to film because I knew what was happening, that it was serious, and when I wanted to get out of the car, a police officer pulled me over and began to press my face against the floor. He scrapes my face against the asphalt. I have wounds on my elbows, legs, back, lips and face, luckily I am recovering,” said the young woman.

General Cabrera police officers are denounced for beating a young woman • Channel C

Given this situation, Melani went to the city of Río Cuarto to file a complaint against the troops who had attacked her. He also stated that she had to go to different police stations because they did not take the complaint.

Meanwhile, the head of the Juárez Celman Departmental Unit, Chief Commissioner Guillermo Tapia, confirmed that the case is under investigation by Internal Affairs and assured that the Court of Police Conduct is already analyzing the case.