Georgina Barbarossa gave to talk throughout the week. Amid rumors of a bad relationship with the Telefe authorities, the driver was absent from A la Barbarossa, the program that she hosts from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Monday and Tuesday, Nancy Pazos took the post, accompanied by Paulo Kablan, Noelia Antonelli, Analía Franchín, Lío Pecoraro and Rodrigo Cascón, but from Wednesday onwards, the channel turned to Verónica Lozano.

The lack of details about the reasons for Georgina’s absence fueled the versions that assure that the actress and host does not agree with giving so much space to police news in her cycle, since at first the idea was to rely on the kitchen, with more comedy display. But this Friday, the MasterChef Celebrity 2 finalist reappeared on the screen to leave a message to viewers.

“I have an acute, but benign vertiginous syndrome. I started to break down on Thursday (August 3) and it continued. I thought I had had a stroke. I had dizziness, nausea. I grabbed the walls,” he said in dialogue with Lozano and told that he is doing a kinesiology treatment to be able to resume his commitments as soon as possible.

“The only good thing is that I lost weight,” he joked and assured that he cannot find a position in which he does not feel dizzy. “Luckily the headache subsided. My children were very scared, because I’m not one to complain or miss work. Luckily I had an MRI immediately on Saturday morning and any major problem was ruled out there,” he said.

Finally, he assured that he “dies” to return to his program, making it clear that it is not in his plans to step aside, as was speculated. While on her social networks, she took the opportunity to thank the messages of affection that she receives from her audience.