Google wants to leave behind the use of passwords, the technology giant seeks in the future to be able to eliminate this security measure that brings some stress to users. We use passwords in social networks, in bank accounts, in different platforms, in web pages, and in hundreds of places every time we open an account. That is why Google wants to remove them and instead introduce another security tool.

The technological giant has been working on this for a long time and that is why the company has made the arrival of Passkeys support official for Android and Chrome. Passkeys is the technology with which it is planned to replace the classic passwords that include certain access keys and that has end-to-end encryption.

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Passkeys will allow users to authenticate themselves on different platforms and services through data stored securely with an encrypted key found on the device. Users can use a secure verification method such as fingerprint detection, facial recognition, or a PIN.

At the moment, Google is working to grant application and web platform developers access to the API, which is essential to implement this authentication method. There is still a little more time to be able to start using this system.