YouTube Music, a paid platform under the YouTube company, is working on its own platform for karaoke. This was confirmed by a user on the Reddit social network, who stated that tests are being carried out on Chromecast, a streaming transmission system.

Thus, it will have a similar operation to Spotify and Apple Music, applications that already have the lyrics of the songs that are updated verse by verse as the track goes by, in order to keep track of it.

Being in the testing phase, the function could gradually reach other devices to check its performance, such as cell phones, tablets and the Google assistant that has a screen, the Nest Hub.

The letters will appear on the left side of the image of the singer or the album to which the production belongs, this same design will be seen as a background image although with a faded design. While the type of font for the letter is the one that manages the rest of the application interface, giving priority to the phrase that is being pronounced at that moment.

For now it is not clear when this function will arrive and if at the time of confirmation it will be added to all users or it will become a benefit for those who pay the premium subscription.

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