The province of Cordova will live a long weekend of Carnival in full, with parties in more than ten locations throughout the territory, in addition to the activities offered by the tourist valleys. The options are varied, in terms of live shows, free tickets and location.

Friday February 17: Carnivals in La Puerta

The biggest party in the north of the department river first you live in it Ansenuza portal from 9:30 p.m. with comparsas and batucadas, 20 floats, DJ, live music with Vicky Barán and the special participation of Capocha Orellana. The party is on Belgrano Boulevard, between Las Heras and General Miter, with free entrance.

February 17 and 18: Carnivals in Pozo del Molle

This town in the department second river lives its carnivals for two nights. On Friday the 17th the great closing is with the “La Barra” quartet, after the presentation of the Mitakumbae comparsa, batucada Batería Río, Dj Cande Gariso and foam party.

While Saturday the 18th the party culminates with the presentation of “El Loco” Amato, Comparsa Majestuosa Emperatriz and the election of the queen of Carnival 2023. You can enter the corsódromo with chairs or lounge chairs and the general entrance at the door has a cost of 500 pesos.

February 17 and 18: Family Carnival in Sinsacate

In the north of Córdoba, the party is lived from 9:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, and with a spirit of solidarity, as well as parties with street musicians, comparsas, bands and costumes. The entrance to the event is a School supplies and the proceeds will be donated to local schools and rural areas.

February 18 and 19: Carnivals 2023 in Tanti

This locality of Punilla Valley prepares to celebrate for two nights at the Amphitheater starting at 8:30 p.m., and with free pass to enjoy the murgas show and live music.

February 18 and 19: Carnivals in Monte Maíz

The south of Cordoba also has its carnival this weekend with street musicians, comparsas and djs with free pass in front of the city’s House of Culture. The closing is on Sunday with the live “La Fiesta” quartet.

February 8 and 19: Carnival of the River in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

Thousands of tourists can enjoy this weekend one of the biggest shows in the Calamuchita Valley with the participation of local murgas and comparsas, the great comparsa Arayé and shows by Damián Córdoba, Ángela Leiva and Agapornis. In addition to a gastronomic patio in the Corsódromo del Balneario Santa Rita. General admission costs A thousand pesos.

February 18 and 19: Carnival in San Agustín

70 kilometers from the city of Córdoba, this town celebrates its carnivals with comparsas, murgas, costumes and the election of king and queen in Plaza San Martín, starting at 9:00 p.m. free entrance. In addition to live music with La Monada, La banda del grillo, Tranka Style, Grupo Vocación, Katriel Argüello and Luz Paisio.

February 19: Carnivals in Huerta Grande

To the north of the Punilla Valley, residents and tourists will be able to enjoy these carnivals with free admission in a new venue, in the Bus Terminal, surrounded by troupes, the great Los Caligaris show, food stalls and the election of the ambassador of the event

February 19: Carnivals in San Javier and Yacanto

Traslasierra lives its carnival this Sunday from 9:30 p.m. at the San Javier Sports Center with free admission and the show of comparsas, live bands, Cabal groups and Barra Brava.

February 19 and 20, Carnivals in Arroyito.

The Carnivals of the Sweet City, in the department saint justare held Sunday and Monday on Avenida Dalle Mura with the performance of the Comparsa Municipal Suyay accompanied by guest troupes from localities in the region.

February 20 and 21: Carnivals in Villa de Soto

The last carnivals of the weekend are lived in the north of Cordoba from 9 pm with free pass and live bands, as well as murgas and comparsas in Plaza San Roque.