Another case of alleged child sexual abuse is being investigated in Córdoba. On this occasion it is a Physical Education teacher who was denounced “by a group” of female students between 9 and 10 years of age, who attend the Manuel Belgrano School in the General Belgrano neighborhood, west of the capital. It is a state-run primary school.

According to the authorities of the institute located on Fernando Abramo street at 2545, the group of students reported the situation to the director, who activated the protocol by which the teacher was separated from his position until the situation is resolved.

In dialogue with Radio Mitre, the director Adriana Juárez explained that “The teacher was removed from the position until the seriousness of the facts is verified. Assistance was provided to the children and families involved”. He also detailed that “First we received the voice of the children, there were several children’s voices”.

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It should be noted that the professor had not belonged to the faculty of the school for a long time, but had been incorporated almost 15 days ago. Juarez explained that Came in last week. He is a teacher who worked extended hours and was not previously from the institution”. Now the Ministry of Education and Justice is involved in the investigation.