after triggered in the price of financial dollarsthe Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa will impose on the national public bodies that they must dispose of all the public debt titles that they have in their assets, a stock close to the 35,000 million dollars.

The new regulations will become effective through resolutions of the central bankof the National Securities Commission (CNV) and the National Insurance Superintendency, which will be published in the Official Gazette.

A part of them, such as those issued under foreign legislation, will be exchanged for public titles payable in pesos adjusted by the CER index or linked dollar and another under local legislation will end up being auctioned in the local secondary market.

The following participated in the meeting: Jorge Pablo Brito (President Banco Macro), Alejandro Butti (President Banco Santander), Daniel Garcia (Treasurer Banco Santander), Pablo Leon (Financial Manager Banco Galicia), Carlos Heller (President Banco Credicop), Carmen Morillo (CFO BBVA), Ernesto Allaria (President BYMA), Adelmo Gabbi (President of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange), Roberto Olson (President of MAE), Juan Politi (Vice President of Allaria Ledesma), Julio Merlini (CEO Balanz), Miguel Canale (Director of PPI) , Valentín Galardi (President of the Argentine Chamber of Funds), Francisco Gismondi (ADEBA General Manager), Claudio Cesario (ABA President), Sebastián Negri (CNV President), Miguel Pesce (Central Bank President), Aguntín Torcassi (Central Bank General Manager), Alejandro Massa (AVIRA Executive Director), Paula Maretto (ADIRA Investment Manager), Eduardo Elizzia (ADEAA President), Hector Wersma (Banco La Rioja Finance Manager) and Marcelo Becerra (Banco La Rioja President).

In addition, Sergio Massa was accompanied by Gabriel Rubistein (Secretary of Economic Policy), MADCUR, Leo Madcur (Head of Advisors of the Ministry of Economy), SETTI, Eduardo Setti (Secretary of Finance), Lisandro Cleri (Deputy Executive Director of Operations of the Guarantee Fund and sustainability in ANSES) and Marco Lavagna (Director of the National Institute of Statistics and Census – INDEC).

Featured phrases from some participants

“It is a very good measure of financial order and the meeting was very good, the private sector took it very well.” Sebastian Negri (CNV President)

“It will be positive. There will be more supply than demand”Adelmo Gabbi (President of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange)

“The objective is to stabilize the financial situation. I see it as positive”Juan Politi (Vice President Allaria Ledesma)

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