The suspended legislator of Hacemos por Córdoba, Oscar González, was charged this Monday in the framework of the case that investigates the accident that he starred in months ago in which a 56-year-old teacher, Alejandra Bengoa, died and two 14-year-old adolescents were seriously injured. wounds. The new charge is for the “irregular use” of a vehicle for personal benefit.

The federal prosecutor Maximiliano Hairabedian resolved the accusation against González for being considered an “infidel depository” because he explained that he was driving a car hijacked due to a legal case, but that, at the time of its use, it was used for personal purposes and not for government activities. Legislative Branch, in which he serves as provisional president of the body.

They also accused González’s niece of “concealment of evidence.” According to the lawyer in dialogue with Radio Miter, “This woman made a cell phone that was wanted in a search in this case disappear.” In turn, the investigation for the transfer of bags with money for money laundering was filed.

Federal Court No. 1 intervenes in the case, whose judge must determine whether to proceed with these accusations. If so, those involved would be called to investigate.

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