More than half a year after the tragedy carried out by the legislator on leave, Oscar González, in which the teacher Alejandra Bengoa died and two adolescents were seriously injured, the investigation is advancing slowly. At the end of April, the mechanical examination of the BMW car in which the official was driving began, and last week progress was made with the second part of that stage of evidence collection.

It should be remembered that this high-end vehicle was a judicialized car, which was delivered to the Legislature in 2019 and had a cloned patent. It is currently in the deposit of Paraje Cañada Larga, in the town of Mina Clavero.

The lawyer of the complaint, Emiliano BinanteI had mentioned that this BMW car has “a kind of black box that could contain data” that for the cause would be key in determining the responsibilities of the accident. Now, the lawyer indicated that experts from both parties worked at the road accident warehouse, where they worked on speeds and places of impact. Along these lines, he pointed out that “They are going to carry out new procedures and request the complaint to BMW Argentina so that suitable technicians on this vehicle can analyze the BMW driven by the accused”.

as told binante In dialogue with Cadena 3, the international company has the appropriate technology to check the car, and because of the chip it has, it can be put into a computer and reveal data to the experts. “Speeds, elapsed time and which routes are made with the vehicle’s technology can be established, beyond the measurements made by each control party expert”the lawyer pointed out.

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