On Monday Veronica Quinteros(15 years old) was returning from school when she was approached by a armed criminal a few blocks from his house in Villa Los Filtros. The thief he hit him with a rifle butt, stole his cell phone and backpack and shot him before fleeing in the abdomen. The victim collapsed and was rescued by his father Barnabas.

Yesterday, Tuesday, his father told more details about the unfortunate event they experienced and reported that the young woman was successfully operated but it should wake up without intervention. Finally what the doctors expected Eva Peron Hospital it happened and Verónica evolves favorably without a respirator and accompanied by his family.

“My daughter, thank God, is recovering at times and they were able to take her off artificial oxygen, she is breathing normally. She woke up, I was able to talk to her last night around 10 p.m. I’m a little calmer, when I was unconscious I thought a lot of things”Bernabé expressed to Cadena 3 this Wednesday.

Meanwhile, and without detainees, the investigation continues to find out what happened. Besides neighbors of neighborhoods Los Filtros They summoned themselves on Wednesday night to demand justice for Verónica and demand greater security in the zone. It should be remembered that, as they stated, they are unprotected and are constantly assaulted.

Veronica's father said the 15-year-old woke up and no longer needs respiratory support.

Source: With information from Chain 3

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