After a successful Bum Bum Festival on January 14 and 15, the “Big shot” from the quartet sang again in Entre Ríos and announced that the fifth edition of Bum Bum is coming up for next Saturday, May 6.

From Paraná and during the 33rd edition of the National Mate Festival, at the end of his performance he confirmed that he will perform it again at the Mario Albero Kempes stadium. In addition, he left a great unknown that sparked speculation.

“That day I am going to throw a bomb at those who always break my kumquats… ‘Mona, come back here, come back there’”, he indicated mysteriously while some of his staff stopped him. Thus, his followers are excited about a new dance.

It should be remembered that the last performances of the quartet player were within the framework of festivals and for a long time he has not played in the traditional dances like the ones he did in the Sergeant Cabral Stadium or in the large estate of Forging.

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