The technology giant has incorporated a new tool that will be available at the beginning of its page. It will allow users to search for information about a photo, purchase results, identify species of plants or animals.

We are talking about Google Lens, the advanced photo recognition tool. Lens was launched in 2017 as a Google application and over time it has been integrating its services with other applications such as Google Photos and Chrome, among others, until finally reaching the cover of the Google browser.

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The news has generated a stir considering that Google does not usually make many changes to its home page, in fact its facade is the same as that of its first version launched in 1998. In this regard Rajan Patel, Google’s vice president of engineering , which is in charge of Search and Lens, said: “The change is significant as it broadens the way we search and improves the way we respond. Visual questions can now be easily asked from the main screen.”