Google incorporated a new function called that will allow you to create your own emojis and send them automatically to your contacts. They can be created by merging those that are already available on your keyboard and create more than 14,000 different combinations. For that, you will need to have Gboard, the Google keyboard, installed. Here’s how you can create them.

First of all, you have to open any messaging app, it can be Telegram, WhatsApp or the one you use. Then you will have to click on the option to show emojis, shown as a smiley face right next to the space bar. Once inside the emoji selector, you have to select two emojis, but be careful, not all of them can be merged, but the vast majority of them can.

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Once you have clicked on the two emojis, the emoji you made will be created and it will be ready to send to your contacts. Without a doubt, a quite original way to send content through messaging apps, giving the conversation its own touch.