A few days ago, Google Drive users have been notifying technology portals about a notice they have been receiving from the application indicating that their account has exceeded “the creation limit” and that for this reason they no longer they will be able to upload more files to the cloud. However, they will be able to continue using it if they delete any of the existing files. “This account has exceeded the creation limit of 5 million items. To create more items, please move them to the trash and delete them forever”is the message that can be read on the users screen.

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Now the Google company has announced that it has established the maximum file limit that users can host on its platform, this limit is 5 million items. In other words, if you upload to Google Drive only 20 GB of files with a size of 4 kb each, you will have already reached the limit imposed by Google.

One of the most relevant data in this announcement refers to the fact that this limitation affects both free and paid accounts, that is, users with subscriptions to Google One or Google Workspace also have this maximum file limit. From Google they affirm that this measure has been implemented with the aim of allowing users to make good use of the platform.