Google Maps incorporated a function so that users can check in which areas there are active fires. So far it is only available in the mobile version of the application.

The app will allow you to see the location of forest fires in real time so that you can avoid certain routes when you are traveling and thus avoid them, or to know if it is close to your property. The new function will be extremely useful, especially in the summer, which is the season in which there are more forest fires due to high temperatures and scarce rainfall.

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Being able to check on Google Maps where there are forest fires can be done in two different ways, below we explain the step by step.

The first thing you should do is activate the forest fire layer within the application, for this you must do the following:

1.Open the Google Maps application on your Android mobile

2.Select the part of the map you want to consult

3. Click on the Layers button that is located at the top right of the app

4.Click on the Wildfires layer to activate it

You can also report on a route that is closed due to fires.

Once this is done, Google Maps will show you all the active forest fires in the area you have selected with a flame icon, if you click on it you can see more information about the fire and its scope.

The second way is using its search engine, for this you must do the following actions:

1.Open the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone

2.In the Google Maps search bar type the word Fire

Google Maps lets you know if there is a fire in a nearby area • Channel CGoogle Maps lets you know if there is a fire in a nearby area • Channel C