Google announced that it is working on a new tool that will be available in Google Lens that will have the purpose of being able to decipher prescriptions written by doctors, for which it will use artificial intelligence. Users will only need to upload the doctor’s prescription image through Lens and it will digitally display the name of the medication.

The tech giant stressed that “no decision will be made based solely on the result provided by this technology.” The app has the collaboration of different pharmacists who have provided the necessary information to be able to decipher the recipes.

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At the moment, Google has not confirmed the exact date on which this functionality would bequeathed to all users of the system, however they have already offered a preview of the functionality via Twitter. “We have started to work on the complex process of identifying what is written on medical prescriptions by creating an assistance model to digitize it, using AI, for medical health professionals,” reads the text that accompanies the video. .