Provincial politicians related to the national government seek to provide strong support for Massa’s presidential candidacy, for Unión por la Patria. The leaders consider that Massa is the most appropriate candidate to face a close election. The meeting will serve for the Minister of Economy to present an overview of economic management and establish the guidelines of the electoral campaign.

The governors highlight the recognition and knowledge of the pre-candidate for president in the interior of the country. They believe that Massa will be able to address the problem of inflation and the importance of keeping the parities updated so as not to increase the discontent of the middle class. In the meeting, the governors hope to obtain clarity on the political and electoral strategy, and learn how Massa will reconcile his responsibilities as economy minister with campaign activities.

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This meeting reinforces the project to build a new unit within Peronism, after the internal crisis that affected the Government. The endorsement photo of the governors will be a relevant political image in the electoral campaign. In addition, it is essential for Massa’s strategy to heal internal divisions and show a unified front as opposed to internal disputes within Together for Change. The presence of several governors is expected, including Axel Kicillof, Alicia Kirchner, Mariano Arcioni, Raúl Jalil, Gustavo Bordet, Gustavo Melella, Sergio Ziliotto, Oscar Herrera Aguad, Juan Manzur and Osvaldo Jaldo.