The price of bread increases from this Thursday in Córdoba, due to the increase in the value of raw materials. This was reported by Rinaldo Rusconi, President of the Bakery Industrial Center of Córdoba (CIPAC). The suggested prices for the different products are:

-French bread: $300 pesos per kilo

-Bread mignon: $330 pesos

-.Common Creole: $550 pesos

For Rusconi, according to his words to Cadena 3, the rise in bread was “imminent”. For his part, Marcelo Caula, general secretary of the Bakery Industrial Center, told Cba24n that there is a “price escalation of all inputs” among which he named: disposables, fuel, services, flour, sugar and eggs.

“We load all the items that make up the cost of bakery products and they give us values ​​with which we have determined to resolve a price increase,” Rusconi said, explaining that the decision was made at a meeting on Tuesday night where he participated. the commission of authorities of the bakery sector.