Starting this Monday, the Government added a complementary basket of 60 essential products for local businesses to +Precios Cares. In addition, there is an offer of fresh vegetables with the most consumed goods in the greengrocery category, as part of the measures agreed last week with different production and marketing sectors.

From Internal Trade they indicated that as of this Monday the products will be available at the prices agreed in the wholesalers for the warehouses, but that the arrival of the products to the gondolas may take a few weeks, depending on the periods of replenishment of stock of each trade.

They also specified that the proximity basket is an agreement in which the businesses participate on an optional basis, so the control will pass by not allowing the products to be sold at an unestablished price.

The program includes personal hygiene items, household cleaning, food and drinks. The objective is for this initiative to establish reference prices in local businesses, in order to reduce the dispersion of values ​​that exists between these stores and the large supermarket chains.

Source: Telam