As announced weeks ago, this Thursday at the beginning of June the increase in fresh pasta in Córdoba was made official. Due to price increases in raw materials (mainly flour, followed by eggs and oil).

From the Federation of Fresh Pasta in Córdoba justified the measure: “Last night, at the meeting of the federation’s board of directors, we decided to implement a 10% to 15% increase in the price of fresh pasta from today”, said his representative Aldo Ferreyra in dialogue with Cadena 3. “This measure is due to the significant increases we have experienced in the inputs necessary for production”he went on to explain.

Ferreyra pointed out: “The flour increased by 24%, the dairy 15%, the margarine 18% and so on. All inputs are experiencing significant increases in their costs”. It should be remembered that in April, prices were adjusted twice in just 15 days due to the removes subsidies to flour.

The subsidy had been granted a year before, contemplating flour both for baking (called “000 panadera”) and for making pasta (“0000 real”). It is a more elaborate and higher quality input.

Inflation: In May a family needed more than $230,000 to not be poor

Gourmet Quality:

  • • Two sheets of ravioli $2,600
  • • One kilo of noodles $1,550

Craft quality:

  • • Two sheets of ravioli $1,600
  • • A kilo of noodles $1,300
  • • A kilo of gnocchi $1,500

Industrialized Quality:

  • • A kilo of loose ravioli in a bag $800
  • • One kilo of loose noodles $700
  • • One kilo of gnocchi $840
  • • A dozen 380 gram empanada discs $258
  • • Pie dough of 420 grams $380