Through a presentation event, the workers of OpenAI, the company behind GPT, announced the launch of its new version GPT-4 and referred to all the news coming to its platform. In principle we will explain what this new artificial intelligence is about: GPT-4 is the new version of the conversational model by artificial intelligence with which you can dialogue and have it assist us with the requests we make.

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GPT-4 is the language model behind many different applications, including ChatGPT, a platform that has also been created by OpenAI.

What are the functions of GPT-4:

-Answer simple questions aimed at solving problems.

-Give creative answers.

-Give context and relative information about a topic you don’t know.

-Describe, give context or understand images. For example, if we give you a cake, you could tell us a possible recipe to make it.

How to go about testing GPT-4? Very easy, click here and see what this AI is about.