The usual landscape of Buenos Aires was altered on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 2. The strange element? 256 shovels stacked in front of the National Congress. The businessman Mauro Stendel sent this particular “gift” to Argentine politicians. I stack the blades in ‘single file’ to make sure they are seen by everyone.

The elements are accompanied by a message: “15 sessions in 2022. 36 laws approved. 256 salaries of more than half a million pesos. A Congress full of lazy people and a country full of hunger. I give you a shovel to work”. And she signed it with his name followed by “An Argentine that triumphs by merit, not by accommodation ”.

Stendel is 27 years old and lives in Miami. He garners hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and leads the life of a millionaire. He was a soldier in Israel and made a fortune in the United States: he started out in real estate.

There is a deputy that he did not include in his claim: Javier Milei. In a video that he posted on his Instagram account, the businessman assured that he left him out because he “is the only deputy who does not receive a salary for being in Congress.”