The lawyer and journalist Greta Pena was appointed as the controller of the National Institute against Discrimination (INADI) in replacement of Victoria Donda, who filed her complaint days ago.

His landing in the body became official this Tuesday through the publication of Decree 15/2023 of the Official Gazette, which was signed by President Alberto Fernández.

Pena is the current undersecretary for Diversity Policies, which is under the orbit of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity. She is a specialist in public policies on human rights, equality and non-discrimination.

In addition, he stood out for carrying out work that revolved around issues of disability, gender, sexual diversities, ethnic-racial communities, religious diversities and access to justice, for example.

Pena spoke before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica on sexual diversity and gender identity and was also a representative of the Ibero-American Intergovernmental Council on disability. In turn, she was part of the drafting process of the UNICEF Antigua Declaration.

“I come to INADI to be the beacon of the consensus that we were building as a society, which is based on freedom, equality and non-discrimination for any reason. In this path, education will be the privileged tool for Argentina to put as a value its powerful condition as a diverse and plural community”, he stated.

“Our objectives will be to deepen federalism, strengthen civil society organizations that defend rights and bring INADI closer to each inhabitant of our country,” he added.