The Córdoba Warehouse Center made a new report where it gives an account of the price increase that was experienced during the past month. The inflation registered during the month of February 2023 was above 6 points, reaching a percentage increase of 6.73%. In this way, they reveal that the increase in the last 12 months reached 105.16%.

The main variations were Housing, water, electricity and other fuels, 11.77%; Alcoholic beverages and tobacco, 8.75%; Recreation and culture, 8.32%; Communication, 7.96%; Food and non-alcoholic beverages, 7.12%; Clothing and footwear, 6.85%; Health, 6.74%; Home equipment and maintenance, 6.70%; Miscellaneous goods and services, 6.43%; Education, 5.93%; Restaurants and hotels, 5.47%, and Transport and fuel, 3.80%.

According to the information they communicated, the value of the Total Basic Basket in February of this year reached $182,452.83, that is, the minimum amount necessary for a family of four to cover their basic food and non-food expenses.

While the survey details that the line of indigence for a family of four members was $95,321.36, that is, the value of the Basic Food Basket.