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Guadalupe Lucero: they dismiss the self-incrimination of the young man

Héctor Zabala, the lawyer who sponsors Eric Lucero’s father, told Télam that “the self-incriminated person in the case did not use his public transport card to go to or leave the neighborhood where the girl was last seen” and considered that his statements “are not plausible” for the defense.

On Thursday, a 25-year-old man appeared on Wednesday at the 2nd Police Station in the city of San Luis and claimed to have murdered Guadalupe Belén Lucero Cialone, for which Federal Justice ordered the perimeter of the area designated as the burial of the body to carry out a raking in the town of Potrero de los Funes, 24 kilometers from the capital of San Luis.

For this reason, during the night, some thirty members of the Federal Police searched the house of the man who incriminated himself and at 11:25 p.m. he was guarded by medical personnel in a Sempro ambulance.

According to Zabala, the police seized the telephone and the Sube card from that house, from which the information on which the lawyer relies to ensure that he did not use public transport to enter or leave the 544-housing neighborhood, where he disappeared a year ago the girl, as he himself had pointed out.

“It is striking that just when the national press is stationed again in San Luis, these news come out that take the focus of the investigation and cause tremendous suffering to the family that demands the appearance of Guadalupe alive,” Zabala concluded.

Source: Telam

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