Last week the former president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, passed through our province. His itinerary included a brief visit to Juárez Celman, a presentation at the Cycle of Situation of the Córdoba Stock Exchange, and lastly, a pleasant stroll through the pedestrian street of Córdoba.

Gustavo Santos, a national deputy from the PRO who works closely with the former president, spoke of Macri’s passage through our city.

“Mauricio is in love with Córdoba. He always says that this is his province,” he assured.

With a melancholy voice, Santos recounted an episode that happened years ago. “I remember when I was in the cabinet with Mauricio. I don’t forget this anymore. Once, chatting intimately with the two, at one point he told me: I don’t want Argentina to look like a great European country, or like Chile or Uruguay. It would be enough for me if it looked like Córdoba”, recalled the official.

“He has a very special relationship with Córdoba and the people of Córdoba with him. When Mauricio came to Córdoba, people went out to the balconies to greet him. That shows that affinity they have,” he closed.

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