Damián Sarfatti and Joaquín Blanco, two of the protagonists of “Hado”, the play that has been causing a furor in Carlos Paz, went through Espacio Canal C and spoke about the success that this theatrical project has had. The actors chatted with Ivi Merlo and were encouraged to tell a little about this new proposal that they brought to the mountain village for this season.

“The work has a lot of dreams, magic and something dreamlike, which adds to the Cordovan humor that characterizes can can”begins by explaining Damián about what the spectators are going to find when they go to see the play at Teatro Acuario. “This theater gave us the kick to be able to jump big. We are happy with the repercussion, we are working every day to a full room and now with a double function.”

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For his part, Joaquín Blanco spoke a little about his character and the proposal for the play, and in this regard he said: “I do all the musical part, I am a singer, the ‘Can-can’ have been in Villa Carlos Paz for many years and we already have an audience that follows us and with this new proposal people are amazed because it is very different from what they we’ve always done.”

This year people leave with a very hopeful message, today at a lunch I had with people who came to see us yesterday they told us ‘we laughed and ended up crying from a very emotional place and we leave with a very encouraging message’, I think that this is priceless”, Damián Sarfatti sentence. “The message has a lot to do with dreams and seeking happiness”adds Blanco regarding what viewers who go to see a “Hado” show take home with them.

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