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Hamburger week: who are the winners of this edition

This Wednesday, within the framework of Hamburger Week 2002, the best hamburgers in Córdoba were chosen in the annual competition organized by the Gastronomic Circuit. The choice was made by a jury made up of gastronomists, journalists, content creators and foodies. In total, three hamburgers were chosen from each of the following categories: classic, gourmet and veggie.

The bars and restaurants of the city that participated were the following: Billy Beer, El Triángulo Parador, La Esquina hamburguesería, Pizzería Don Luis, La Comanda, Junior B, Quedate Pancho, Papanato, Fat Burger, Hoppiness Club, Rincón Nuestro Tejeda, 3 Tomatoes, Rooftop, Drakkar Cervecería and Vegan Parri.


Third place: Stay Pancho

Second place: Vegan Parri

Winner: Drakkar Brewery. The burger has: Not Co Medallions, a mattress of roasted peppers smoked in a smoker along with mushrooms. It has a smoked sauce of the same vegetables, it is processed, salted, seasoned and used as smoke. It has vegan danbo cheese.

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Third place: Rooftop

Second place: The Command

Winner: 3 Tomatoes. The winning burger has: beef medallion, cheddar, provolone, smoked bacon, barbecue, mayonnaise with garlic paste and mac & cheese (elbow noodles with cheddar and parmesan).


Third place: Stay Pancho

Second place: Junior B

Winner: Hoppiness. The winning burger has: Medallion with our own blend (“it’s our blend”), smoked bacon with apple, lettuce, tomato, homemade pickles and classic bread.

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