He International Workers Day the Blue and White Movement of SMATA Cordoba. The grouping is postulated as a new option for the elections of the union in the coming months. He Secretary General candidate is Maximilian Poncewho is a member of the union movement together with representatives of automotive companies, auto parts manufacturers and dealerships.

“The guild is like a human body, if the head fails the entire structure of the body fails. From the Blue and White Movement we are organizing our guild”Ponce said. He also referred to the multiple members of the group and said “The movement is based on everyone contributing a grain of sand to form this great team”.

As mentioned by the trade unionist, the main thematic areas of the movement are healthhe sportthe living place and the education. On the last point, he specified: “The idea is to set up an educational integration center where our affiliates and their children can be trained in the industry to enter a factory.”

Regarding the political position, the candidate maintained: “We are a totally Peronist union. We support Martín Llaryora provincially because it is the list that shows a scheme, he has been working and has a clear project”. And I add: “He is a person involved in all industrial aspects, which are what interest us.”

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