This Tuesday, May 24, Alejandro Cencerrado, a graduate in Physics from the Complutense University of Madrid and an analyst of big data of the Copenhagen Institute of Happiness.

Cencerrado has carried out a scientific study for 17 years that allows him to measure happiness, in this way he managed to identify those factors that most affect well-being. “In defense of unhappiness” is the name that the physicist decided to give this essay.

Within the Institute of Happiness, Cencerrado is busy studying what makes some people happier than others, what distinguishes the happiest societies, and in this way be able to guide governments and companies to implement welfare policies. Among the conclusions reached are the following: “Our main source of happiness and unhappiness is the relationship with others”, “Being happy in the long term is impossible” and “unhappiness covers an important task in our lives biologically. Because if we were continually doing well, we wouldn’t progress.”

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